Salesforce Consulting

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, 4Convergence supports Salesforce customers with high return on investment projects. Unlike many Salesforce consultants who are IT Project shops, we focus on highly leveraging the capabilities of the Salesforce platform first and then leveraging already built partner apps before coding on the Salesforce platform.

How we are different:

1) Our focus on business results.  We have been in your shoes and know the difference between delivering a project and delivering results.  Many Salesforce Consulting Firms/Implementation Partners are IT project shops.  They deliver IT projects and solely focus on the solving problems with technology.  We understand that technical capabilities solve many problems but getting business results often also include business process improvement and new management practices.  People, Process AND Technology.

2) We are looking to build long term relationships, not just deliver projects.  We recognize that your company doesn’t run best when there is are perpetual major changes occurring.  Our goal is to help your company continue to improve in the long run and structure agreements and systems to make that work for you.

3) We have a large pool of contingent resources to deliver on your needs.  Many firms will staff resources that are “capable enough” but more importantly they are available.  We reach across a large pool of capable resources to find the right people to meet your needs.