At one-third the price of electrical pumps, the versatile Slide-N-Pump makes short work of pumping or siphoning water anywhere, all without the need of or danger associated with electricity and water.

Easy to Pump
The Slide-N-Pump is so easy to use. Simply attach a standard garden hose to both ends, insert the open hose-end into any volume of water [or other liquids] and Slide-N-Pump it away. (A short intake hose is recommended for optimum pumping.)

Easy to Siphon
The Slide-N-Pump is the only product of its kind on the market because it also acts as a siphon initiator. Attach a standard garden hose to both ends and use the Slide-N-Pump to initiate the siphon.  Once water starts flowing, it will continue.  (A long intake hose is recommended for siphoning, as well as removal of Slide-N-Pump once flow is initiated).

Tons of Uses
The Slide-N-Pump is great for professionals, homeowners and hobbyists.


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